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YOU are a gift! 

Thank you for choosing to work together for the past 12+ months!  It truly has been my pleasure!  

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime! I'm so glad you are part of mine and I'd love to continue supporting you as you navigate your journey.


I had YOU in mind when I designed my LEGACY CLIENT program!  It is especially for the person who: 

  • Is determined to make a difference. 

  • Pursues growth.

  • Has a giving heart and could receive more.

  • Enjoys custom gifts.

  • Acknowledges the past and keeps their eyes on the future.

  • Wants MORE out of life and business.

  • Already loves having me in your corner!


  • One VIP private coaching session/month (Zoom)

  • 5-year strategy plan

  • Create Annual objectives

  • 4-hour in-person planning session for legacy clients only

  • Narrow your focus to a Quarterly action plan (more detail)

  • Define your Monthly (tasks) workflow (more detail) 

  • Weekly checkpoints as desired

  • Customized gifts designed specifically for you. 

  • Free access to Magnificent Muscle Builders  - zoom community 

  • Free access to Cultivating Joy - In person Get Together

A combination of strategy, accountability, action, and celebration. 

Turn your to-do's into Tah-dah's!  Reinforce how far you’ve come.

Legacy client package - $599/month

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