Be Positively YOU!

Uncover the truths behind what is getting in your way and learn how to break through the obstacles. 

The word Positivity gets a bad rap at times. But here’s the truth: POSITIVITY is a tool!   When Positivity is used, well… Positively…

It’s a tool that is scientifically proven to help you:

·        Face reality and navigate life’s challenges

·        Understand your negative emotions

·        Stay true to WHO you are

·        Boost your resilience

·        Increase your satisfaction

·        Choose what matters most to YOU

·        Stop beating yourself up


Overall, You will strengthen your mental fitness muscles to create more ease and flow in your life.  Instead of dismissing negative emotions or responding to distress with false reassurances, Be Positively YOU! 


The Be Positively YOU package combines the science backed strategies with private coaching sessions to guide you in positivity practices that will change your life! The package includes:

★ A private 2 hour discovery session – explore who you are, what  you want, and why it’s important to you

★The Positive Intelligence downloadable app for access to all materials

★7 weekly group sessions for education, exploration, and practice of the strategies.

★Three private sessions to gain clarity and create your Positively YOU growth approach




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The Positive Intelligence material is based on research by Shirzad Chamine who lectured on Positive Intelligence at Stanford University and has trained faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools. You can find everything that's included in the program here: