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I AM statement with Coach K.

When you know WHO you are, you are the BEST at what you do.

You draw out the BEST in others too! It's time to embrace your authentic self!

This exercise is designed to acknowledge who you are and embrace your uniqueness, instead of judging yourself, nudge yourself to move forward with confidence & courage.

YOUR WORDS MATTER! Boldly claim who you are!


Use this worksheet to be selective in the words you choose & convert them to a powerful statement you can use. Multiple statements can be crafted.


Consider these options each time you go through this exercise:


Set intentions for your personal, professional, and day-to-day life.

  • CHOOSE how you want to show up.

  • Design energizing affirmations.

  • Develop a creative elevator pitch.

  • Elevate your overall purpose (see Coach K.'s Purpose Cycle).

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