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Leadership is a decision.

When great companies invest in individuals, teams flourish. Achieve tangible business results as you get a grip on growth, collaborate with curiosity, and enthusiastically innovate with Kalsow Coaching & Consulting, LLC. Unleash the full professional potential of all team members. 


Experience the winning combination of personal development, professional development, and team building that will bring truth to your culture, respect to your communications, clarity to your strategies, and purpose to your colleagues. The result is people who are more resilient, teams who are more collaborative, and overall higher levels of enthusiasm and performance.

Get Nancy's weekly NUDGES to lead with confidence. 

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Unleash YOUr Inner Leader

Great companies consist of great leaders.

Our 6-month leadership development program, Unleash YOUr Inner Leader, takes the anxiety out of leadership. You will study, practice, and develop core strengths to boost your confidence and increase your courage to achieve results. Leadership is a decision, not a title. And it’s a decision YOU make for yourself. Who you are must always stay at the core of what you do. Once you know who you are, you can DECIDE how you want to show up as a leader.

This program is designed to uncover the obstacles your leaders face. Participants will practice the skills to overcome these obstacles and improve their ability to overcome new challenges as they arise.  They’ll learn to leverage the skills and talents of your entire team, including their own. Some of the benefits of sponsoring an employee/team include:

  • Reducing timeframes for project completion

  • Increased loyalty and alignment with your company

  • Confident leaders who take action and help their staff take action

  • Higher levels of overall production and performance


This program is divided into 3 modules, with two themes per module. It includes 12 group coaching sessions for collaborative learning and 12 private coaching sessions that are tailored to the personal needs and challenges of your sponsored employees.


6 monthly themes:

  • Month 1 Theme: Reflection, Assessment, and Awareness of Self

  • Month 2 Theme: Acceptance of and Confidence in yourself

  • Month 3 Theme:  Alignment and Collaboration

  • Month 4 Theme: Accountability and Engagement

  • Month 5 Theme:  Taking Action

  • Month 6 Theme:  Risk and Courage


Investment - $5,555/participant, or 6 monthly installments of $926​

(There are savings for teams of 5 or more!)



Strategic Facilitation/Planning  

Facilitate: verb

  1. make (an action or process) easy or easier.

Give your team freedom through facilitation.  You will do your best work when all ideas, information, and opinions can flow. As a facilitator, I will bring neutrality and objectivity to the content the group is working on. I’ll move your team from information gathering to idea generating. I facilitate planning discussions that bring life to your vision, mission, objectives, and activities. Let’s get everything on the table!

You talk, debate, and don’t hesitate.  I’ll listen, navigate, and orchestrate. ​​

  • Prepare for aligned take-off!

  • Visualize your company's future.

  • Notice what’s working and what’s not.

  • Expand your team's willingness to navigate tough conversations.  

  • Create a mutual understanding of Who, What Why, When, and How you will take action.  

Investment: Customized package for your business!

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Bring your team together to experience connection, camaraderie, and creativity. I activate the 70% of the 70-20-10 model for Learning and Development which describes that optimal sources of learning come from 10% formal education events, 20% interaction with others, and 70% from knowledge of job-related experiences. Workshops provide the space to practice techniques and debrief from real-life scenarios. 


Our most popular topics include: 

  •  Kickstart with Collaboration - Learn the power of staying in touch, informed, and involved. Nancy shares strategies for leveraging team dynamics. 

  •  Leadership is Contagious -   Whether you are focused on the problems OR the solutions, your team OR your workload, your clients OR your cash flow, YOU are leading and setting the stage for others. Let’s talk about the kind of contagious you want to be! 

  • The Joy of Accountability - Bring energy to your workplace as you discover the C.O.R.E Principles of accountability: Clear agreements Ownership Responsibility Empowerment

  • Thriving Through Life - series 

    • Let's get R.E.A.L. - Nancy will share her insight on change management using her 3 A’s technique.  You’ll learn how to find joy in unwanted change.  

    • Happy@Work/Happy@Home –The rapid changes in our world have us adjusting and adapting to new routines and rules at work and at home. Nancy shares the top four things that really make us happy and how to navigate life and find the balance so many are seeking.

    • Be Positively Contagious –  A proactive approach to increasing your overall happiness, while boosting resilience for the inevitable downtimes.  Come ready to play along! Nancy will share the benefits of being both a giver and a receiver of positivity.


KEYNOTE:  From the Heart Series. (choose one or a combination of all) 

  • Speaking from your heart

  • Writing from your heart

  • Leading from your heart


Workshops start at $497  

Keynotes start at $1,597 

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