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An Heirloom

The inside of the box reads “Grandma Kalscheur’s necklace. Received from Aunt Val in March 1981. Believed to be 80-85 years old at the time.”

It’s written in my mother’s handwriting. The necklace is a beautiful crucifix on a heavy chain. The chain uniquely clasps in front, which makes many people want to “fix” it and they attempt to do so when it’s around my neck. It makes me smile every time they do. It’s unique.

Ironically, I never saw the necklace until July 2020. We had placed all of my mom’s jewelry out on several tables. I never knew she had so much jewelry. Most of it had stayed in the boxes. Now, they sparkled on the table. Each a gem.

This is symbolic to me. It makes me think about the number of times I put myself in a box, not wanting to be judged, evaluated, or wrong. Felt like I didn’t belong, wasn’t good enough, and certainly I didn’t have anything to add. WRONG!

YOU are unique. YOU are a gem. You deserve to shine and sparkle. You do not belong in a box.

I see you. I see your eyes light up when you show up real. I see your desire to seek your truth, follow your passion, and find your purpose. I also see you hiding behind the facades, questioning your abilities, and comparing yourself to others.

When you go out into this world, don’t forget to “put yourself on.” Be genuinely you. It shows when you do. You are a gem.

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