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Be Crystal Clear

One of the keys to success is to make sure you are in alignment. And the good news is you can DECIDE to invite alignment into your life and career!

Alignment means you are in agreement with yourself. Alignment is the result of that agreement.

When it comes to aligning your life, I want you to become rock solid and crystal clear.

When you are fully aligned, you know yourself – you ARE yourself and you are HAPPY.

And it’s been scientifically proven that happiness comes before success.

In order to achieve alignment in your life, you’ll need to experience the bumps, hit a few curbs, and drive straight over the potholes. You see, personal alignment starts with knowing yourself first and becoming Rock Solid on WHO you are.

Most of us operate in misalignment as we go through our daily lives. I’m simply asking you to be aware of what has caused this misalignment in your life. Feel the bumps, curbs, and potholes. Getting Rock Solid on who you are puts you in a position to beCrystal Clear on the decisions you make. Now that’s intention. Follow these 6 w’s to become more intentional and live the life you deserve.

Rock solid

1. Wonder - Get curious, be in awe of YOU.

2. Who – See yourself, reveal your truth, and believe in you.

3. Why – Gain clarity on your values and what really matters to you.

Crystal Clear

4. What – Find what lights you up.

5. Wow – Integrate your Who, Why, and What.

6. Wings – Live in natural genuine flow.

Get to the real and authentic you, and live the live you deserve!

When someone asks you to share a bit about yourself, try sharing your WHO instead of your WHAT.

For example when I’m asked to share more about who I am: “I am a contemplative, compassionate, loving, and deliberative woman who values consistency, integrity, and relating to others with respect and compassion.”

When asked what I do: I ignite your confidence and courage to conquer what stands in your way of a happy, successful, and fulfilled life.

When it’s taken a step further, and I’m asked why I do it: I believe everyone deserves someone in their corner.

My goal is to help you be rock solid and crystal clear.

Are you ready to get rock solid and crystal clear? Our Unleash YOUr Inner Leader program teaches you how to leverage WHO you are and the impact intentional leadership has on your career as well as your value to those around you.

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