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Leadership is a Decision, Not a Title.

Leadership is a decision, not a title. And it’s a decision YOU make for yourself. What type of leader do you want to be? And why is that important to you? Leadership starts with you. Who you are must always stay at the core of what you do. Once you know who you are, you can DECIDE how you want to show up as a leader. This perspective demonstrates the belief that being an impactful leader requires intention and commitment.

Be Intentional

Are you being honest with yourself about your leadership skills? Sometimes we have a preconceived notion of what a leader is, and we end up, unintentionally, decreasing our impact because we’re trying to be something we’re not. What if I told you everyone IS a leader?

Well, you are. You have an impact on others, whether you notice the impact or not. It’s a whole lot more fun when you intentionally choose the impact you want to have. Maybe:

….you’re a new supervisor; you were promoted and while you’re confident in your ability to do your work, you’re less sure of your ability to lead others.

… are good at what you do and even enjoy it, but feel like no one notices.

…’ve been a manager for a little while and you’re ready to take your leadership to the next level.

……or maybe there’s a position you’re striving for.

No matter what your title or position, think about your impact using these three A’s:




To help you Unleash YOUr Inner Leader, we have designed a six-month program to leverage WHO you are and how you contribute. You’ll learn the impact intentional leadership has on your career as well as your value to your organization and those around you.

Why 6-Months?

It takes time to reshape your brain and think in a new way. Remember the last time you went to a conference? You probably spent three days getting all kinds of great ideas and plans for how to improve or jumpstart your career. Then you came home and poof, they were gone.

Changing habits and developing new skills is a practice, just as guitar playing, knitting or healthy eating. That is because new behaviors take time to learn, develop, and implement. Unleash YOUr Inner Leader is a commitment. It’s a commitment that will not only improve your leadership skills, but will change the way your co-workers, employees, supervisors, and entire organization see you.

Unleash YOUr Inner Leader is designed to help you:

· Know your talents.

· Find your why.

· Align your strengths.

· Deliver value.

During the course of Unleash YOUr Inner Leader, I’ll ask for your vulnerability, honesty, a willingness to dig deep and really look inside yourself to see who you are, who you want to be, and how to make that journey happen. The weekly time commitment is about three hours, including our sessions and homework. Participants find it is worth the commitment for the deep inner discovery that takes place to get the results they desire.

You will come away with a personal strategic plan, and tools and techniques to support you on your journey as you grow. The course is divided into 3 modules with a total of 6 topics, and includes 12 private coaching sessions which have been tailored to your personal needs and challenges. You will get expert guidance and support on your path to be the best leader you can be.

Everyone leads in something. When you are ready to commit to being the leader you aspire to be, you don’t have go on this leadership journey alone. Let’s get started. Please reach out at or call me at 608-220-5175 to learn more about the experience and get ready to Unleash YOUr Inner Leader!

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