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Stop Shilly-Shallying!

The traffic was heavy. My brother was running late, and I was in the driver’s seat. We were waiting to take a left turn onto a two-way highway. Waiting. A long time. Waiting.

Ahh…a glimmer of hope. A small break in the stream of traffic. Could I make it? Shoot. Hesitated. I should’ve gone!

Hesitation and procrastination will eventually lead to either disqualification or hyperventilation. Let me explain.

Have you ever waited too long to do a task, make a decision, or tell someone what your decision is?

When you wait too long, you might find yourself saying, “Shoulda, woulda, coulda!” Yup. You’ve missed your opportunity. The decision is either no longer needed, someone else took care of it, or you realize you’ve put it off so long that the anxiety is building and there is only one option remaining. Do it NOW!

When it’s finally don

e, you realize the most difficult part of getting it done was deciding to do it!

“Hey, I work well under pressure,” you say. Really? What about all the time you wasted working up to finally get it done. Maybe you even lost sleep about not really wanting to do it, or it cost you a late fee, or worse yet – your health.

Here’s a tip. Every time you find your safe saying, “I shoulda,” “I woulda,” or “ I coulda,” (or even “I have to.”), try one of these instead:

“I get to.”

“I choose to.”

And the most powerful…

“I will!”

Stop should-ing on yourself and schedule your free clarity session with Nancy today:

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