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There YOU are!

Grand Canyon Series - Final

When I woke up in the canyon on what would be our last day at the bottom of The GRAND Canyon, I looked up to see a clear blue sky and felt the warmth of the sun on my face. “Look Up!” Sarah had said this on one of our first calls when preparing for our Grand Canyon experience; it was a reminder to see and be. A reminder to notice what we were experiencing along the way. Now, on this last day in the canyon, I was mesmerizing as I looked up. I realized that as I had descended into the canyon, I had dropped deeper and deeper into my heart.

I sat near some purple canyon flowers that were already closing for the day, as the hot sun was rising. I felt at peace and a presence was surrounding me that was preparing me for the hike out. “Isn’t it beautiful?” I said to no one. And then I heard it. The wind actually whispered to me “I am with you.”

A few weeks before this trip, I had an energy reading. It was the first time I had ever had one. Some of the things I’ve shared in previous blogs have a direct connection to what the energy reader shared with me. Prior to this trip they just didn’t make sense. I suppose one could say it’s simply suggestive circumstances. Energy happenings are hard to articulate. The vibrations of energy offer nuances so minor that most won’t pick up on them. As I prepared to hike out of the canyon, this whisper was the first of what I call “God Winks” on the hike out. A friend of mine who passed from cancer years earlier had always wanted to take this trip and here she was, walking by my side.

The day was going to be a hot one. We filled our water bottles and watered down our bandanas to place around our necks and began our hike out and UP. It was bittersweet. As we stepped onto the bridge over the Colorado River I felt a sadness, a realization that this was only the beginning of learning to forgive and accept myself. Hiking on, our goal was to arrive at Indian Garden Campground around lunch. It is one of the rare locations in the canyon with shade and water. It was here we would rest and prepare for the remainder of our hike UP.

Indian Garden is beautiful. Almost lush. Lush in the dessert? I picked a quiet spot with my back against a tree and my feet and legs in the cool running water of Indian Creek. The water trickled naturally in and then overflowed the rocks on the other side after running under my legs. It was my own natural whirlpool. A frog blended in with the rocks and watched me as I watch it. This brought my attention to a small blue dragonfly. The dragonfly swept across my journal as if bringing my attention to what I was writing… “To be who I am – to live in my truth. To show up ME!” Then the dragonfly parked itself next to me on a rock as I journaled a bit more. Soon, the dragonfly fluttered up and sat on my journal. Right at the top of my page where I had written those words. Another God wink? My Mom’s favorite color is blue. I felt her presence, closed my eyes, and simply listened.

The running water, the breeze, the squirrels gathering whatever they could find. The squirrels! I turned and looked at my pack sitting next to me. I had been raided. My waterproof snack pack was certainly not squirrel-proof! I looked further back to the picnic table where the rest of my group’s backpacks were. WE had been raided! And then…

I noticed a glimmer of gold in the light to my left. A beautiful peachy-colored dragonfly. I had never seen anything like it before. It fluttered in front of me, calling my attention. Soon, a second one appeared. I watched in awe, and I just knew.

What I’m going to say next might sound crazy to some.

There, right in front of me, were two of my angels. My Grandmother and Godmother. They even had the same mannerisms. One was a little more playful than the other, which seemed shy. The shy one disappeared when one of my tribe sisters arrived. She looked at me in disbelief and asked me if I saw it? “Oh ya, I see it AND there’s another one too!”

Let me take you back to that energy reading for a moment. The exact words I was told were, “I see a lot of yellow in your presence. You are being joyfully protected. There is a brightness around you that brings levity and flow. Trust what you see.”

Today – 10 months after these magical moments in the canyon – I’m letting my spirit shine a bit brighter. I’m spending more time being in awe. I’m getting better myself at what I so firmly believe in and support my clients with – that WHO you are is more important than WHAT you do.

My journey is much larger than the Grand Canyon. So is yours.

Look up! Look up to the sky. Look up with your heart. Look up to yourself. Look around you and notice. Look for the God winks. Share your truth. Respect your story. Trust your tribe.

There YOU are! Let your spirit shine through the gift of grace.

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