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Module 3: The REAL You In Action

Unleash YOUr Inner Leader Module 3: The Real You in Action

The REAL You in Action is the third and final module in the Unleash YOUr Inner Leader program, and it’s where we put everything we’ve learned so far into action. (If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, be sure to check them out first).

In module 1, we focused on the REAL you – who you are now, and who you want to be. Module 2 focused on who you are at work - using your talents, experiences, and values in alignment with your team and company. Now, in Module 3, we’re going to get into the REAL you in action.

Leadership is a decision, not a title. I know – it’s basically my mantra at this point! But it’s so important that you really hear it and understand that becoming the leader you want to become is up to you. It’s a decision, an active choice that you make, not something that happens to you or is bestowed upon you. You decide to be a leader, and you do the work to make it happen. No matter what your role (at work, at home and in life) YOU can choose to be a leader.

Module 3 is designed to support you in the implementation of the leadership skills we’ve been developing over the course of the previous 2 modules.

By now, you’ve probably realized that I use the word REAL as an acronym. Module 1 focused on the R – Reflect, Reveal, Respect, and Re-set. In module 2 the emphasis was about the E – Engagement, Empowering, Enthusiasm, and the Energy you expel for the work you do.

In Module 3, we’re going to look at the A and the L. We’ll dive into how to take bold Action, Acknowledge reality & others, Listening to understand and Learn, to then Lead in a fashion that brings everything to Life. This is the module that brings everything together. You’re going to learn how to implement all the skills you’ve learned over our time together to support you in influencing a variety of situations and navigating the challenges and opportunities. You’ll grow and develop as a leader by taking action.

Dealing with Conflict, Delegation, and Decision making are three areas where most leaders feel pressure and anxiety. They are also the three areas that demonstrate your leadership strength and character.

Dealing with Conflict. We all face conflict in our lives – both personal and professional. Every one of us must deal with it. You’ll learn to recognize adversity so that you can calm the conflict before it takes over.

Delegating. If you’re like most leaders, you’re not very good at it. That’s ok. We’ll work together to help you recognize what you can (and should) delegate and who you should delegate it to. I know that one of the hardest parts of delegation is trusting that the tasks will be done. We’ll focus on proven tactics to delegate while building trust and getting results.

Decisions. You’ll make some that others don’t like and need to implement some that you’re not so fond of yourself. We’ll talk about the impact of your ability to implement policies that you don’t necessarily agree with and discuss when and how to challenge the status quo. There is also a certain mental toughness at play through all of this and we’ll take a peek at how your own inner critic stops you from being successful.

By the end of the program, you’ll have an action plan designed to carry you through what’s ahead in your personal leadership journey. You’ll leave with specific goals to help you maintain your momentum and create fulfillment in all areas of your life.

I can’t wait to help you move forward in your journey toward being the best leader you deserve to be. Let’s get started! Connect with Nancy to determine if now is the right time for you to Unleash YOUr Inner Leader.  Email:  OR Schedule: Meet Nancy on Zoom


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