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Let the Adventure Begin

Grand Canyon Series -

Perhaps you are ready to “peel back the layers” as I suggested in the first blog from my Grand Canyon series. Or maybe that sounds a bit scary to you. It certainly isn’t easy work. Self-work is some of the most gut-wrenching AND powerful work I’ve done. Growth often comes in the most uncomfortable moments when we face the truths about our mistakes or get serious about our reality. Let the adventure begin…

After eight weeks of pre-hiking prep, I was ready for my journey to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I had set my intentions and carefully packed my backpack with layers of clothing, snacks, and water that would keep me hydrated.

Days before I took my first step into Grand Canyon, my adventure began. While my fellow hikers were flying or driving to the canyon, my husband, Mike, drove me to the canyon on our Honda Goldwing motorcycle. On June 4, I hopped on the back for four days of travel and camping along the way. Our annual vacations in previous years had us exploring the entire continental United States from this trusty machine. A small trailer on the back held our camping gear.

(Journal entry) I felt like I was leaving something behind, forgetting something, or maybe a bit anxious. I reminded myself (OFTEN), to sink into the seat and relax. “Allow and Receive” was my mantra. I was reminded of a thought from a friend. She said, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moment is worth a million pictures.”

One of my intentions for the trip was to remain fully present. I wanted to relish in the moments. And so, it began the moment I hopped onto the back of that bike. The landscape is such a beautiful canvas. Over the 4 days of travel, I observed:

  • Rainbows in the spurts of water from a farming irrigation system

  • Cloud formations of hearts, smiles, and angels

  • A bird flying by my side with its wings tipped and its yellow belly facing me as if to say, “follow me.”

  • The discovery of hidden campgrounds in the mountains.

  • Seven owls over the course of 50 miles, sitting on fence posts and telephone wires. Or…. Was it the same one flying with us and guiding our way?

  • The view from Independence Pass at 12,110 feet and enough standing snow (in June!) to still see the snowmobile tracks from the spring season.

  • The aftermath of several avalanches that wiped out masses of trees. What power!

My favorite sight was one I almost missed. My eyes were closed as I sat on the back of the Goldwing feeling the wind and the warmth of the sun on my cheeks. We were traveling through an Indian Reservation as we neared Tuba City, AZ. It was a long stretch with a whole lot of nothing outside of a few rock formations. Then, through the speaker inside my helmet, I hear my husband say, “There’s a heart for you...”

(Journal entry) I opened my eyes, looked up and there in the large rock wall I saw it. A huge heart hollowed out with all the little pieces of rock tumbling out of the bottom. I was in awe.

You see, as part of my pre-hike prep, I had made a note in my journal: “This is not about my mind (logic). Open my heart. Be still. Love myself. And believe in the magic.”

I felt like that heart, and those rocks pouring out, was telling me to do just that. Shortly after this amazing sight, we arrived at the entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park.

I had been here before. I had witnessed what the Grand Canyon has to offer – from the rim trail. This time would be different. The zoom meetings had prepared me for what was to come. Or so I thought.

Self-work is some of the most gut-wrenching and POWERFUL work you can do. I like to say self-work creates self-worth and self-worth brings self-wealth. The deeper you dive the more you will uncover what you truly desire and what is holding you back from being yourself. Self-wealth is found when living in your truth. If you are ready to reveal your “riches” of self-wealth, let’s talk.

Note: As part of my healing – I have become an ambassador for Sara Schulting-Kranz’s The Live Boldly Movement. I host a free Walk Through This book club (you buy the book and join in on Zoom). When you are ready to peel back the layers contact me to begin:

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