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"Working with Nancy has given me a sense of empowerment. She taught me how to find the action steps I can take that are achievable for me. I’ve learned to ask myself a specific question which triggers me to really think what I can do to get to my answer.  
Thinking differently and planning is exciting! I am amazed I learned so much in so little time. Thank you Nancy!"                                   

Coaching Client

"Nancy has a unique gift of saying just the right thing to help you see “the forest through the trees” to help you solve a problem.

Whether you need a gentle nudge to get you pointed in the right direction, or if you just don’t know where to start with setting a goal or developing an action plan, there’s no better resource than Nancy."

Ken Caviezel,
Loan Officer
Summit Credit Union

"Nancy Kalsow embodies the role of coach. As I was young and starting out in my career she would challenge me and help me learn and grow from my mistakes. She understood the value of guiding but not doing it for me and I’m forever grateful for those teachings. She was selfless and was excited to see me succeed never stifling me, always encouraging me. To this day I still honor her by telling myself daily: 'Do what you love, Love what you do!'"

Tina Gefke, 
Sales & Marketing
CUNA Mutual Group

"Before Nancy started her coaching business, she was coaching. It is a natural and easy talent for her and something she is SO good at and passionate about. Her skills, knowledge and compassion are top notch. She has helped me sharpen my skills, develop new habits, and work through some difficult tasks. I appreciate her so much!"

Kristen Parent
Marketing Director

"Nancy is truly passionate about helping others! She brings her warm, positive energy to every aspect of her life. Nancy is the perfect person to connect with! Strongly recommend working with her to bring that positivity to your life!"

Jamie Mawhinney
Elementary School Teacher

"My coaching sessions with Nancy consistently reignited a fire and passion in me that came from her asking questions and striving to get to know me and the roots behind the goals I was setting. I learned that coaching is a partnership where goals, ideas, solutions, and obstacles derive action items that I must complete on my path, but Nancy's questions and her challenges for me, combined with her listening skills, allowed the important issues and Nancy invested in me as a person and not just as an employee. The process of goal-setting not only impacted my career growth under Nancy Kalsow, but it also impacted my personal life, as well. I could finally see clearly what I wanted from life and what I needed to do to achieve those hopes and dreams. Having a career that transcends positively into your personal life is invaluable and I owe much of my confidence and determination to Nancy" goals to come together in an action plan that was ultimately drawn out for success."

Yolanda Riddell

"The best coach I’ve had in my 30 year career in business."

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